Chicken tagine hand pie with preserved lemons and olives. Weekend only.


White sesame coated baguette. Weekend only.


Chicken ham, tomato garlic sauce, cheddar and arugula on wholewheat slices Weekend only. Photo for illustration purposes only.


Peas filled danish with bechamel, red onions, mint, dill, spicy breadcrumbs and whipped ricotta. Weekend only.


Glazed croissant filled with chocolate cream. Weekend only.


Flourless chocolate cake with mango passionfruit marmalade. Fri - Sun only.


Demerara sugar coated puff pastry filled with caramel apples and cream. Weekend only.


Cardamom-cinnamon milk soaked cake, fresh mangoes, whipped mascarpone, toasted pistachios and coconut Available 23/10, Sun only.


Available Wed - Fri only.


Grilled pesto sandwich with turkey ham, mozzarella, parmesan, juicy tomato slices and arugula on wholewheat. Weekday only.


Milk coffee croissant twist with nuts. Fri - Sun only.


Available Wed - Fri only. Seasonal flavours, subject to change.


Double baked cheesecake almond croissant with seasonal jam/curd and pecan streusel. Available FRI - SUN ONLY!


People's favourite in a box! Available Wed - Fri only. Photo for illustration purposes only.


Our best-seller of all time!


People's go-to loaves! Available Thursday - Sunday only.


Available weekdays, Wed - Fri only.


Pain au chocolat! Sold out on Thu, 29/09


Croissant filled with labneh, toasted hazelnuts, dukkah and honey drizzle


Available as a whole cake!


Available in slices or as a whole quiche!