Has your pastries increased in price? They seem to cost more!
Starting mid August, we are revising the prices of our pastries (croissant base) to at least $0.3 more per item.

As there has been a steep increase in the cost of the butter we use, we need to make this hard but necessary decision to ensure we keep producing quality fresh bakes with the same love. 

We are appreciative of your continual support, in light of these changes. 

How do I place my pre-orders?
Here are the steps to ensure a smooth ordering process!

1. Click on ORDERS
2. Select a category "Weekday bakes" or "Weekend Specials" etc.
3. Select and add items carefully - as this might affect your date selection!
4. Checkout
5. Select Delivery or Pick-up
6. Scroll down to choose your date first
7. Proceed to fill in your details
8. Payment
9. Receive an email confirmation for your orders!

Note: Our merchandise can be selected and added into your cart irregardless of the weekend or weekday category!

I still have a problem ordering on your website. How can I seek help for this?
Our weekday and weekend specials for the following week will go live every Sunday, 11am!

Cut-off time for the next-day pick-up or delivery is 4pm, the day before.

If you fail to view an available date for your order, we recommend reducing the number of items in your cart. 

Should the problem persist, do give us a call 6909 6604 between 11am - 6pm Weds - Sun and we will do our best to assist you. 
Alternatively, click on our WhatsApp bot below to reach us within our opening hours as well.

Why am I not able to place an order for tomorrow?
Orders on our website will cut-off at 4pm the day before a pick-up or delivery. Try for the day after tomorrow!
Alternatively, give our store a call at 11am to reserve some baked goods for pick-up on the day-of!

Do you have dine-in?
Yes we do! From 11am - 5pm daily.
We have seating available on level 1 and level 2.
Do let us know you will be dining-in upon your arrival and purchase!
Kindly note that we do not take reservations.

Do you rent out your space for small events or occasions?
We are in the process of working this out! Drop us an email info@motherdough.com.sg and we will see it through! 

We are interested in collaborating with you! How do we go about it?
Drop us an email and your proposal via info@motherdough.com.sg, do give us 2-3 working days to respond!

I keep calling your store but no one picks up. What's the best time to call?
Best time to call would be 11.30am - 6pm, Wed to Sun.

Can I pre order on the day itself and pick up later in the day?
Sure, just give us a call at 6909 6604 after 11.30am! 
Kindly note that we may not be able to take any orders between 11am - 1pm (peak hour) on Weekends, if we have a queue in-store!

What is the best time to come by?
11am to 1pm. Give us a call before dropping by to check for available items!


Can I have my pastries packed into boxes?
Yes! Just indicate in the comments/notes that you'd like them boxed up. If you are buying in-store, let us know before placing your orders with us!

What are the in-store payment methods?
We accept cash, NETS, Favepay, Grabpay, PayNow and credit/debit. Minimum $10 for credit/debit.

Do I have to join the queue when I am picking up my orders?
You only have to queue if you wish to make additional in-store purchase.

Can I just buy coffee when I pick-up my orders?
Yes, let the staff know and they will guide you. Kindly note that 5.30pm will be our last beverages order!

If I can't make it to your shop on time due to unforeseen circumstances - what do I do?
Give us a call at 6909 6004 before 5.30pm and we'll assist you as best as we can.

Who do I look for when I need to collect my items?
Look for the nearest staff and let them know you're picking up an order. Have your name, order ID (if applicable) or contact number ready!